Crate Skates

The Crate Skate is our featured product for anyone who needs to move a crate or pallet quickly and with little trouble. Our customers are always finding many ways to use this versatile heavy-duty little helper! This product is perfect for Tradeshows to eliminate downtime or equipment rental in order to move your products within your booth. Its flexible design includes a dropdown style loading pad to insure the item you're moving won't slip or tip off the Crate Skate! The Dropdown pad will accept a standard 4X4 pallet or Crate wood cross beam. Typical car lifting jack not included which can be used to lift most loaded crates.

Crate Skate can fit into most Job Boxes or can be locked up easy through the handle by a chain at your job site.

    Crate Skate Key Applications:
  • Fast and affordable movement of Heavy items
  • Ideal where a forklift can't be used or is unavailable
  • Tradeshow companies who need to control their own setup timelines at the show
  • New and used equipment manufacturers loading pallets or Crates in an assembly line.
  • Shop or warehouse organization
  • Moving and storage companies
  • Vehicle storage or movement
  • Helicopter / Small Aircraft movement within hanger
  • Compact size for storage inside your shipping crate with your products

Our product has been tested and used in the field for several years with great feedback from our customers.

    Product Specifications:
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Skate Overall Dimensions - 12" x 11.5" x 3"
  • Skate Weight each 11lbs
  • Skate Weight Capacity 1500 lbs

Please call for current pricing information.